The Urbanite Project called for creative solutions to the challenges of the 21st century office environment. Our response was to take on stress - the all too often defining trade mark of many office environments. Our solution is the BX. We created a place to wind down, clear your mind, stretch your legs, and think outside the box (from inside a box!) BX is a dynamic three dimensional team building puzzle. Flat pack planes combine to create disperate pieces of habitable furniture that combined create a continuous cube of secluded space - a continuous undulating and folded laberinth. Enter on one side, climb through - shout, sit, lie and listen before emerging ready to engage afresh in office life. BX can be made at various scales, including a 750mm office module and a 450mm childrens version. The components are made from lightweight and robust cardboard honeycomb with a cork lining and velcro connections. Ultimately it is full scale interactive play. the inverse of stress.