Milford-on-Sea Beach Hut's win planning approval

Snug architects_milford-on-sea beach huts- Storm_C

Following the Valentine Day storms 2014 the beach huts at Milford-on-Sea where destroyed. Snug Architects and Ramboll where selected to come up with proposals for the 120 replacement beach huts. We are delighted to announce that our proposal has now received planning permission.

The proposal is designed to withstand a 1 in 200 year storm event. Project director, Paul Bulkeley, said 'This level of robustness required concrete construction, and allowed us to propose the inhabitation of the roof space.' The result is a wider promenade, enhanced views of the sea for visitors and significant improvements to the public realm.

The project has attracted significant public interest. Extensive public engagement, including a one day event that was attended by over 500 local people, has helped to shape the final design.

The images below, prepared in conjunction with Darcstudio give a feel for the design and what it might be like if the weather was to turn nasty! The project is due for completion late 2016.

16.01.21 Sunset A Edited
16.01.27_View2_A Edited
16.01.28 View1_D