Self-build: Should people build their own homes?

Housing Minister Grant Shapps is launching an action plan to double the number of people building their own homes within the next decade. This may sound bold but according to Ted Stevens, chairman of the National Self Build Association, 80% of all houses are self build in Austria. So should people build their own homes? Having built my own house in 2003 I can say emphatically – yes. Building your own home is not only cheaper than buying one, if you use a good architect, you should also get the home you dreamed of. There is no doubt it is a challenge and we would join the government in recommending the value of professional support throughout the process, but for first time buyers, like I was at the time, it is a great way to not just get on the ladder but potentially miss a few rungs on the way. Building your own house is a great adventure and like any significant investment the decision to embark on a self build should be carefully evaluated. Snug Projects have significant experience of helping clients make an informed decision and we can support you throughout the process, helping to ensure you realise your dream home. We are currently looking at new ways of helping people self-build their first home and have a number of sites where we are exploring the potential to create self build neighbourhoods, similar to Ashley Vale in Bristol. This new government agenda could become a significant opportunity for first time buyers to get their first home, what we are calling Virgin Homes. Perhaps this is something Richard Branson should look in to! If you are considering joining the lucky 10% who self-build we would be happy to help.