Prospering people and
places by design

Our mission is to help you deliver yours...

We are committed to 'prospering people and places by design.' We define 'prosper' as flourish physically; grow strong and healthy. We like the archaic definition of 'prosper' which is 'make successful', in other words, 'make great'. For example - "God has wonderfully prospered these people." At Snug we strive to do this proactively and intentionally; that is, by design.

Our Values

Value #1

Realise Potential

We have an entrepreneurial spirit. We aren't afraid to do things differently and we work hard to realise the full potential of every project. We have a reputation for unlocking added value by design.

Value #2

Love Where You Live

We are motivated by a love for the people and places where we work. We love what we do and trust that our clients love both the process of working with us and the spaces and places we create.

Value #3

Align Value

We are a values driven business. We believe that the best outcomes occur when our values align with our clients priorities.

As we reflected in what it takes to make great we came up with these thoughts:

What does it take to make great? It takes more than just a flash of inspiration or wild imagination. More than a starchitect, a hipster or a pretty picture. It takes a team who knows the way - an architect, one might say.

We are the visionaries, creatives, problem solvers and resolvers. We can do, will do and most of all, we love to. We are cultural curators, commercial real-estaters and money makers. We initiate, coordinate; often we just innovate. We prepare, plan and present. We draw, define and do detailed design. We manage and we mediate, transform and perform. We are entrepreneurs and artists, instigators, enablers and occasionally even saviours.

We are neither jack of all trades nor masters of none. Instead, we are the ones who makes sure that all the parts achieve something greater than the sum.

Above all we are your partner, your comrade, right-hand and action man. We are the bright star that helps you stay on course and hold your vision true. Both the designers and the doers, the ones who see it through. We deliver on your vision, articulate your dreams. We enable social purpose whilst performing like the circus!

But, most of all, we do it all for you.

So, great architects don’t just design, we deliver too.

At Snug, we make great because we both design & do.

Our Culture

Value #1


We care about our work. Snug has a reputation for being highly committed. We take ownership of every project and and always go the extra mile.

Value #2


Great architecture is inspired. We are highly imaginative, entrepreneurial and intuitive designers who have a reputation for seeing solutions where others see a challenge.

Value #3


Together we have the professional expertise and experience to support our clients across all stages of a project, from inception to completion.

Value #4


Our confidence is based on our collective competence and culture. We believe in the value of what we do and our ability to deliver for our clients and the communities they serve.

Value #5


We have robust systems that ensure we can consistently deliver for our clients, and in accordance with our values. We call this system 'The Snug Way.'

“Having worked with Snug for over a decade I remain impressed by their consistent commitment and willingness to proactively deliver the best solution for their client. We have worked with Snug across all the project stages and the integrity of the Snug team has always impressed. They are good at what they do and we would wholeheartedly recommend them.”

Simon Broomfield, Regional Development Director, Lifestory