A new masterplan for the historic centre of Winchester.

Contextual analysis deeply informed the proposals.

Working in collaboration with JTP Architects we developed a masterplan and supplementary planning document (SPD) for The Central Winchester regeneration area. The site covered approximately 4 hectares in the heart of the historic city and includes the bus station, Friarsgate medical centre, Kings Walk and the Friarsgate car park, amongst other historic features. Winchester City Council sought to deliver a comprehensive mixed-use redevelopment of the area to bring real benefits to local people and create a positive and sustainable legacy.

We helped to create a community led masterplan for a new mixed-use quarter, including retail, market, commercial, cultural, housing and community uses to complement the wider city centre and serve the whole community. The design focused on a range of both active and restful spaces, including the opening-up of the brook to the east of the site. Extensive contextual analysis rooted the proposal in locally distinctive appreciation for what we call ‘winchesterness.’ In addition, a new bus hub was created, enabling the routing of buses away from The Broadway and High Street to allow for environmental improvements and to accommodate markets and other street-based activities

Our urban design expertise and deep understanding of the local context helped the Local Authority to successfully engage with and proactively involve the community through extensive consultations that involved over 700 people. We had significant involvement with both a wide range of local people and organisations, which involved careful and considered engagement with local politics, policy, and the concerns of local interest groups.

Our commitment to this process, willingness to listen and creative approach helped to engender consensus and support for redevelopment, sensitively overcoming and resolving local concerns that had previously prevented the sites successful redevelopment.

Quiet spaces adjacent to the opened up brook

"This is one of the most extensive consultations we have been involved in. We’ve had significant involvement from a wide range of people and organisations which is a credit to the interest there is in this redevelopment. This is such an important part of the city. "

- Marcus Adam, Managing Partner, JTP