Hope Street wins the 2024 MacEwen Award

We are so pleased to announce that Hope Street has won the 2024 RIBA MacEwen Award. This is something the team at Snug Architects have been working towards for many years. The MacEwen Award recognises projects that have delivered Architecture for the Common Good. Hope Street does just that through the amazing work of our client, One Small Thing. It is also an exceptional building and one we are very proud of. Congratulations to the project director, Mike Worthington, and all those who have contributed to making this project such a success.

The RIBA MacEwen Award focuses on buildings that create Architecture for the Common Good. At Snug we are passionate about designing architecture that does just that through a process that puts the users of buildings first. Hope Street was developed through extensive engagement with women in the justice system and those who care about them. It employed trauma informed design to create a nurturing and therapeutic environment where women in the justice system can discover hope. Importantly the project pioneers a better way which we hope will inspire similar projects within the justice system.

One of the judges stated; ‘Hope Street is the only project that almost had me crying… we hear of the architect as being a doctor of space and this is an example of architecture that is healing people,’

You can read the full article on the RIBAj website here: