St Luke's Church

A contemporary new build Anglican church on a steeply sloping site in Winchester.

We worked with Winchester Diocese and the PCC to explore how a new replacement church could be built at the heart of a Winchester suburb. The scheme includes a significant enabling development of affordable housing which we negotiated through a proactive pre-app process with the local council.

The new church perches at the top of the slope, at a key interface between two distinct neighbourhoods. The sanctuary cantilevers over the lower ground floor carpark. The primary volume is wrapped in a dynamic and ornate filigree of translucent mesh that floats metaphorically like a 'cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night'. The faceted sculptural form also reduces the perceived scale of the building and softens its impact on the adjacent housing.

The building is strongly connected to its context. Large picture windows frame views to the South Downs National Park and surrounding trees, streets and footpaths. The result is a tranquil place to worship at the heart of the community and well connected with its setting.

A welcoming entrance addresses the street corner

A dynamic double height entrance draws people in with framed views through the sanctuary to the hills beyond

The sanctuary perches at the top of the hill amongst the trees.

The church emerges between the trees

Carefully orientated picture frame openings in the primary volume frame views

The church nestles in to the tree lined ridge.